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Originally Posted by northernlord

  • They are great. They do everything as they promise. Fast and reliable.
  • Frostbitten gives you 5 stars

Originally Posted by TranquilMaster

  • Works perfectly, just finished last game to 2.7k rating, everything went very smoothly. Big props to these guys

Originally Posted by Ed1

  • Legit, fast, and good value for money!
  • Thank you crazy russians )))))))

Originally Posted by Dice86

  • These guys are legit and the real deal. They boosted me very fast from 0 to 2400 rating. Also.. they didnt mind that i asked them to split up the payment up into three parts.
  • Because I didnt want to pay the full price at once. They didn’t mind.
  • Their awesome, patient, and very nice. Wish I did this sooner. Thanks a bunch guys.

Originally Posted by rids0wnz

  • After reading the reviews ehre I decided to give these guys a try – I was a bit sceptical because of all the RBG scams you see out there so I went for a testgame first. Opposing team has a very high rating, and decided that this look genuine so I paid for a boost from 0 – 2200. All happened in a single session, very quick, very smooth, delivered everything that was promised with no fuss. Will definately consider using them again in the future should I decide that I want to be boosted higher.
  • Very happy, thanks for a smooth transaction.

Originally Posted by griim

  • Amazing service, went from 2k-2600 in under an hour.

Originally Posted by Highzmit

  • Legit. Went fast and smooth. Do listen to what they tell you to do though – accidently made a mistake or two and wasted a bit of their time. :c

Originally Posted by Andysux

  • I love these guys so freaking much! payed in 3 parts not a single problem on the way.

Originally Posted by Darko64

  • Bought 0 to 2k2 very fast ! thanks
  • Best RBG PL !

Originally Posted by kingturello

  • Got 0-1800. A+ service

Originally Posted by Dice86

  • I got boosted by them a few months while ago but just wanted to say thank you again. Casy. <3

Originally Posted by Zurox

  • And to update, 2400 – Very quick! 5/5 Service!
  • Stupid fast, definitely recommended.

Originally Posted by eldavo1

  • Purchasing a boost from 2100 to 2.2k… They got me to 2.3k! Super legit and cheap, thanks for boost.

Originally Posted by Marvelous

  • after payment i was told my spot in queue and once my turn came they took over from there.
  • All my questions where answered fairly quickly.
  • A+ Service no doubts, no risks.

Originally Posted by Pratt2

  • Just finished 2200 boost. They explained everything, I got a bunch of achievs, real easy. Thanks!

Originally Posted by krust

  • Bought boost from them earlier this week. 0-2.4k. The boost went very smooth and the prices were good. The only bad thing I can say was all the waiting, but I finally got it.

Originally Posted by Groove1337

  • I used this service and it’s completely professional. Extremely good customer service, very efficient rating gain; I’ll now get my Hero of the Horde title and it’s totally worth it. I’d reccomend these guys to anyone, far better than the many other companies out there. A++ thanks very much guys!!!

Originally Posted by RBGBUYER

  • I used this service and it’s completely professional. Extremely good customer service, Unbeatable MMR’s extreme rating gain 200 a match all way to 2.9k! I’d recommend these guys to anyone no other company can match them! A++++++++

Originally Posted by Randompala

  • Was very scarred to buy this service at first, cause there are so many scammers out there sadly.
  • Luckily enough these guys were real. They were very profesional, very fast, very good!
  • Thanks again!

Originally Posted by vasilisp8

  • bought 0-2.2k it was done in about 1hour perfect service. the guy was extremely friendly and they even took me to a higher rating.

Originally Posted by Stevey1337

  • These guys boosted me to 2.2k RBG from 0 rating,
  • They let me pay with 2 payments so i felt safe. and they gave me a good deal to, they speak very nice to you and friendly, they explain everything and its just all so easy
  • Going to pay soon for a boost to 2650 for hero of the alliance, telling all my friends about them!
  • Thank you

Originally Posted by Trakdk

  • bought 2700 boost, so fast nd easy ^^ Ty

Originally Posted by pooman111

  • Brilliant service, nice guys and super fast. Much love <3

Originally Posted by peafish

  • I can vouch for these guys. 2.2k to 2.4k in less than an hour, very quick and painless. Prices are fair too.

Originally Posted by neled

  • vouching for this guys.
  • excelent service, at first i was nervous but they are keeping it simple and reliable
  • got 2k2 and ill keep in touch! a++

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